Projekt 6a

Sponsorships for children, adolescents and adults in the Tibetan refugee camp Tashi Palkhiel, Pokhara, Nepal

This project was started in 2013 with the aim to support the families in the Tibetan refugee camp Tashi Palkhiel. We arrange sponsorships in order to enable children and young people from kindergarten onwards to get an education and professional training.

Further sponsorships support the basic care and medical care of individual families and older residents of the camp.

The refugee camp was founded in 1960 and continues to be a refuge and home for around 600 Tibetans. Most of the residents of the refugee camp sell souvenirs to tourists on the trekking routes. The income from the tourist season, which lasts a total of six months, is often far too low to be able to come close to paying the school fees, school materials, training costs and basic medical care. These school and training costs are borne by the sponsorships. Thanks to the support of their sponsors, some of the now grown-up sponsored children were able to successfully complete their training as nurses, social workers, carpenters, etc. and are now able to stand on their own two feet in life and support their families financially!

Another project is the support of the school kindergarten in the Tibetan refugee camp. Thanks to donations, the children are given daily milk and lunch meals. This way, the small Nepalese dairy farmer, the Nepalese vegetable and fruit trader and the small food stalls of the Tibetans in the refugee camp are also supported.

Further sponsorships finance the employment of the teacher of the toddler group of the school kindergarten.

Any renovation measures, expansion of the school kindergarten and the provision of new play and learning materials are made possible by donations.

Contact: Sonja Radix

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