Kutsab Ternga Monastery

The Kutsab Ternga monastery is located in Mustang, Jomsom, near the village of Thini at approx. 2800m. It was founded and inaugurated by the great Lama Lungten Urgyen Palsang in the 15th century. Despite the well-known trekking route around Annapurna, which is less than 1 hour from Kutsab Ternga, few people know about this very special place. Lungten Urgyen Palsang received 5 special "Treasures from Guru Rinpoche" from his master on a trip to Tibet, along with the teachings and instructions. He appointed Lama Lungten to return to his village near Thini and build a monastery, promising that it will be of immense benefit to all sentient beings and that peace will reign everywhere.

Guru Rinpoche brought Buddhism to Tibet and is therefore very revered by all followers of Tibetan Buddhism.

The 5 representative treasures are:
1) The picture of Guru Rinpoche
2) The wrathful image of Guru Dorje Drolo
3) The picture of Guru Rinpoche's partner Yeshe Tsogyal
4) Guru Rinpoche's upper garment
5) A shoe from Guru Rinpoche

With these 5 treasures and many other texts he returned to his village and under great hardship built a monastery. During the inauguration of the monastery, a rainbow could be seen in the sky for 3 days. Since then, the monastery of Kutsab has been called Ternga (Ter means treasure and nga means 5).
Over the centuries, due to the strong erosion (very strong sun, strong winds, icy winters, etc.), renovation work was carried out again and again. In 1953 the 1st Shangpa Rinpoche traveled to various places in the Himalayas in Tibet and Nepal and also visited Kutsab Ternga. He saw that the monastery was in poor condition and raised funds for a more than 2 year renovation. The monastery was reconsecrated and the celebrations lasted for 1 month. He handed the monastery over to ordained monks and the local population.

Then Shangpa Rinpoche traveled back to Tibet, where he passed away. In 2001 the now 2nd Shangpa Rinpoche traveled to Kutsab Ternga again and saw the monastery in a very desolate state. To protect the 5 treasures, he decided to keep them temporarily with the locals until the monastery’s renovation is completed.
Several architects have examined the monastery since then and advised to knock most of it, with only the main temple, the heart of the monastery being renovated and preserved.

The 5 treasures are to be exhibited on the 1st floor so that anyone who wants to see them has access to them. There will also be a place for meditation in front of the sanctuary. An additional building for the lamas is being constructed and a small café with a dining area is also planned.
Construction work has been in full swing since spring 2019 and the estimated cost will be around EUR 1.1 million. Shangpa Rinpoche continued, "I feel that this project is very important in protecting the historical site and reviving the Buddhist tradition in this region. It will be of benefit to the local people and is the first monastery which is being built in Lower Mustang. A legacy of the 1st Shangpa Rinpoche.
Please support this special project with your generosity.

My warmest greetings
Shangpa Rinpoche and the whole region of the Lower Mustang
Project management: Sandra Biegert

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